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tv   [untitled]    March 28, 2012 6:00am-6:30am PDT

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-- is prop f and temporary exempt positions, how those, you know, are used as opposed to going through the regular hiring process? the short answer is, yes, we're trying our best to get these filled and look at prop f types of positions back. but if there are individuals that want to do that but we're also trying to get ongoing permits for the fourth service positions so we can move forward. commissioner walker: yes, i heard a lot in the last few meetings about code enforcement issues. i wonder if there are any positions hanging out there to be filled in code enforcement? >> yes, i believe, of the top of my head, there are three positions in the grip of positions that have just been approved that our code enforcement-related.
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>commissioner walker: ok, great. thank you. >> any more comments? c nine, is there public comment on this item? seeing 9, lincoln closed public comment. madam secretary? >> i will read item 13b. basically, it is up to you as the commission president, but we have been going through all the director's report items and then calling for public comment at the end. it is up to you how you would like to have it done. commissioner mccarthy: that is fine with me. >> 13b, update on proposed legislation. >> good morning. bullhook public affairs and a legislative. -- bill from public affairs and the legislative. i have given a summary of the different pieces of legislation that we're paying attention to right now and monitoring. you can probably see that the
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public arts trust fund, which i have told you about before, has been substantially changed. therefore, it is back on a real notification period, so we're not expecting that until early next month. there was a relatively new piece of legislation that was introduced by introducedav -- by supervisor avalos regarding bicycle parking. we spoke to the supervisors say, and they are essentially conducting a six-month pilot with this legislation to see whether or not there many requests for exemptions. the only time that the building department would have to get involved is that the department of environment asks us to verify that there might be a public safety hazard all around were the bicycle was being parked or stored. so that legislation has actually been passed and is now in effect.
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if you go on to the next page, you have heard from supervisor chu's aide a few minutes ago about the waiver concerning the small business fees. we have been supportive about that and have given our research for the past three mayors. heretofore, there have not been a lot of permit requests for those types of awning for placements. mobley this will be an incentive for small businesses to do the kinds of improvements for facades we would like to see anyway. supervisor wiener is proposing some legislation that we just agreed to continue for awhile, looking at the definition of efficiency in its. based on the code advisory discussion this past week, it is revising and refining that legislation further. i suspect it will be back to you in april or may. we will certainly let me know about that. i think really that is about the extent of it.
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i have included here quite a few references to legislation in the state that we're also paying attention to. that is because, often, they are affecting building codes that will affect us in the long term. yes? >> can you answer questions about one of those. >> i will try. >> ab-184 -- how does that affect our local strengthening efforts? we have been looking for ways to find them. >> i have asked for any particular is on what exactly that intel spirit i have not yet received the details. so i do not exactly know how that financing might affect as locally. >> ok. that would be great to know. >> would be happy to go further on that and find out. >> thank you. >> how about ab-801 regarding the uniform. >> they have been opposing that.
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again, i have been waiting for a response. i hope to have won this week. i would be happy to get back to you on that as well. sorry, they have not been extremely forthcoming. >> i can answer a little bit about some of the background on this bill. there is a code enforcement department in the state of california that has been very, very effective with having not police uniforms, but uniforms that identify their staff in code enforcement and getting a little bit more prestige to the code enforcement officers. they are also demanding that the code enforcement officers have regulated the training is similar to what a building inspector needs or an electrical inspector or another inspector.
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right now, our code enforcement officers or our housing inspectors do not have to be certified in anything. our code enforcement officers happen to be building inspectors, so they are certified. but they are looking at the actual commercial buildings now and not so much the residential buildings. but our housing inspectors that respecting residential buildings under auspices of the building code, electrical code, and the chemical code are not certified as code enforcement officers. so what the state is saying is, just as a building inspector needs to be certified, a code enforcement officer, if they are doing that job, needs to be certified and trained properly in the aspects of issuing a citation that they have to issue a citation or even approaching a customer. they have to have a slight degree of police training. post-832 training.
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it is a week of training where they are shown how to approach customers that are unwilling to be approached or how to approach a house, even to knock on the door as a code enforcement officer. it is a two-way street. calbo is opposed to the uniform requirement right now due to the fact that, quite frankly, most building departments do not have money for their code enforcement officers, let alone for uniforms. that is one reason it is being looked at. but this one code enforcement department has become kind of like the major guiding light, just as san francisco as for the green building code, and has been very successful in all aspects of code enforcement, even to the abandoned vehicles on property which we have no
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jurisdiction over. so it is a two-way street. some are for it and those out against it. it will be interesting to watch how it shakes out. >> thank you very much. any further comments on this item? should we close public comment? we will go one more. two more, actually. >> update on permit tracking system. >> penny, dbi, with an update on the permit tracking system. we give you a hand out on the update. we're 25% done with this 24- month project. everything has been very successful. we are on track. we completed the configuration analysis sessions last month. that involved working with the subject matter experts in
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building and planning on almost a daily basis. three-hour meetings, walking through requirements for this system. business processes, process improvements. and it has all been documented. we are now -- also, in march, we completed four prototypes. solid 21 tech created prototype systems for some of the documents that have been configured and showed us, based on the requirements in the process improvements, how the system will look for those parts of the work flows. we are currently in the process of enterprise analysis, and that is due this month. we are on schedule. those are extensive sessions with planning and building. we're working out the overall work flows, process improvement. what gets kicked off in planning versus dbi, how the handoff
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should work, and more. the vendor continues on the configuration analysis of documents. they have been turning over a number of documents to us for review and sign-off. we're staggering the process. all the sign-offs are due april 13. we're on schedule. we started the historical data analysis early. that was not due to start untilg effort. so we started analyzing with the planning and dbi i.t. departments. word of the data exist now? how do we envision transforming that data to get this new system and the historical information? our next steps are to complete the enterprise configuration analysis sessions, complete the configuration analysis of documents. begin the core system integration, where they start implementing into the system
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requirements that we specified. and to begin forming a subcommittee with planning and dbi to start getting feedback on how folks would like the citizen access to look. so we started sessions, planning out how we're going to do that subcommittee and moved forward on that that. questions? >> any further questions? you still have a ways to go then? >> pardon me? >> still a ways to go? >> 25% complete in a 24-month project. substantial documentation is there. the vendor is doing an excellent job. >> yes, i saw the last hearing on this. i guess that there's any way that can be fast-tracked. >> we are aware of that, but we're pushing it now. >> i understand appear but i think the commission would like
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to see this. thank you. >> anything else? thank you. >> thank you for your time. >> 13d, update on major projects. >> good morning, commissioners. tom, deputy director. today is my day. in front of you, you see the major project. a few billion dollars in construction costs. then roughly a 5000 units. but i did not show you from the computer output i get from the system, we the project is roughly 100 projects. also, we have roughly 90% going
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through there. thank you, director day and pamela to help explain to the commissioners that we need more staff. eventually, more inspectors need to be in the field. i looked back the last six years. you know, before the economic crisis. we have laid off roughly 30% of our staff. still, we require a little bit more engineering staff and inspectors to review claims. that is my concern. i have a major projects but did not give you all the other projects because i do not want to overload you. any questions? >> i do not believe so.
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obviously, my comments are that it is great to see this. looks like we have got a busy couple of years ahead of us. would you say the major products -- how much of a jump from last year? >> ok, roughly 20 projects. but i summarized the this about 51 projects. that means a 50% increase. also not included, some of the projects that might be coming back again because they're on hold because of different reasons. but those are the active ones that i have given it to you. >> let's hope the banks hold of an fund these projects now. any questions on this? this is good news. see none. >> item 13e, update on q-matic
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and status of activation. >> director? >> yes, i would actually like to announce that we have finally retrain all the staff on q- matic, because we did make some tweaks after tom became deputy director. we found different ways to do things, and he has been working with our i.t. manager to go back to the vendor and tweak the system a little bit more, making it a little bit easier for customers, including an express line. little things to make it faster for the customer that we could do. so that programming has taken place. the staff has been retrained. we have retrained the fire department, the planning department, bsm, puc, and any other department that is on the fifth floor to use the q-matic
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system. so you will be beginning to hear probably in a liberal the little sounds of station number 1 is available or station number two is available. we had a little hitch were planning is available on the first floor and on the fifth floor and sometimes they're not always available on the fifth floor, so we actually were able to program the q-matic system to tell the person that was waiting on the fifth floor to go to the first floor in the person was not there. that was another little pickup, but it is all working fine. we have not tested it with live bodies yet. i am going to go down next and stand at the front door and grabbed somebody as they come in and we're going to walk them through the system. we actually have the staff set up that will be testing this, just to see, to monitor the system, to see if there is any other way we can make it faster
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for the customer before we actually implement it fully. but should go in april. we're looking at april. so we're praying that it will be april. [laughs] please help us. >> thank you, director. we share the opinion. any more questions? >> we have other technology projects, too. >> ok. >> 13f, update on other technology projects. >> pamela, the old inspection cured one of our focuses, we have been trying to focus on putting things on the web. we're now continuing limited user beta testing for 3r reports to make their request for the
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public. for the public to make their requests. we're still working on beginning, you know, getting our project up and running for an i.t. equipment room. for the department that will have planning and human services agencies. we continue to have some issues having to do with whether the generator can take on all the applications that need to be available if we were to run into some issues with power. we hope to have those resolved by the end of this week. and then, we're still waiting for the department of public works to provide us an estimate of what the scope of the project is. we know what we would have done had we been allowed to go out and do it or make the
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arrangements ourselves, but we're going to the department of public works. the cash management system is going to be implemented, we had hoped, by the end of april, but we have decided that it is best for the treasurer tax collector to go through their implementation first, worked out all of the difficulty is, and then we will go through implementation. that will happen around the beginning to mid-may. that means that we're going to expand from a cash registers -- eight cash registers to for the cash registers. so people will not have to get up and wait in line. people, being our staff, to ring up transactions. it will greatly increase the accountability on each of the permit clerks as they collect for that day.
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there are some issues that we're working on, getting another cash year so that we will be able to solve problems. because that is a big job. and, of course, going to the board of supervisors and making sure that we have sufficient cash available in the department in order to be able to deal with having such an increase in registers. we're moving forward in this spirit we think that this is going to be very positive. and it well be able to be integrated with our kermit -- our current permit tracking system and the new permit tracking system. we're working with the vendor that is being used by the treasurer tax collector closely to make sure that it is going to work for the next system. and then coming in know, a lot of people have issues or are concerned about addressing, and
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we continue to work with the assessor's office and dpw in terms of an enterprise addressing system. it went live on february 15 and we're still working through some of the -- and we will continue working through addressing issues for probably quite a while. then, of course, we're working with puc because they continue to put together ordinances having to do with everything from irrigation to waste water to storm water compliance to landscape ordinances. they keep us pretty busy. >> thank you. i believe that was the final item. >> there's one more item. 13g, update on new hires. >> since our last meeting, we have been able to hire one new
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i.t. person who has been directly responsible for the q- matic training-. -- for the training of q-matic. as vice president mar said, we had an inspector that did participate in our presentation at the mayor's kickoff community coffee event. that was march 2. at the mayor's invitational, i am going to be participating in a series of town hall community engagements with the mayor and district supervisors at the end of this month through april on the budget. the first event is march 29. supervisors kim and olague will be there. as tom mentioned, we have begun a series of code updates to keep the customers fully informed of any changes.
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we're putting them out on the web. they're called information sheets. you can find them on the web undercoats. so they're not really cold rulings, they are information on code items. also, to go along with name is baseball and -- small businessmen, it will also be building safety month. we will be bringing in in april some of our items that we're going to be putting throughout the building for building safety month in may. we usually give a proclamation from the board of supervisors on that. finally, we are distributing our survival kits to all the dbi staff, so our emergency management unit actually ordered emergency kits for the staff to use in the building in the event of an emergency.
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we have also ordered extra carts for every floor that will actually provide for 20 people in the event that we have to shelter in place in case of an emergency. that will help cover our customers also. so the staff is really going forth. we will bring a survival kit in next time and show it to you. but that is our disaster response team. they're working on that. so we're going forward with that. >> thank you, director. >> ok, public comment on the director's report, 13a to 13g. seeing none, item 14, commissioner's questions and matters. a, increased to staff. at this time, commissioners may make inquiries to staff regarding various documents, policies, practices, and
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procedures which are of interest to the commission. commissioner walker: responding to several members of the public around kota enforcement in bayview in district 11, a wonderful can have an agenda item on the next agenda about code enforcement, specifically maybe our blighted property ordinance and an update about how we're managing that? >> certainly. >> i would like to add to that. a specific request. director day was so kind as to give us a tour of the department. she explained about directors hearings and what the department is doing with the backlog and current complaints. i would like to better understand our relationship with the code enforcement division of the city attorney. i would really like a presentation as to how cases get
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prioritized, how much money the department pays the city attorney, how much of that we get back in fees collected, and what our strategy is for collecting those fees and pursuing those cases. i really do not understand that, and i would like a formal presentation. and perhaps a discussion by the commission about the policy of what goes to code enforcement, to the city attorney for enforcement, and what strategy is used and how we get it back. >> ok. that might not be next month. i might have to do that in may. >> yes. >> i mean, if we could get next month a response to those specific bundles of code enforcement problems, that might be helpful. i mean, it is up to you. >> i can get you a status of where they are in the system and how they are being handled. >> that would be great.
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maybe we can do the instructional presentation about code enforcement per se the next month. and i do think that we're going to be putting on the next agenda, filling an indeed position on the litigation committee, which is part of that. >> the attorney just reminded me of that, to inform all of you that there will be nominations for position on the litigation committee and also the nominations committee. >> that will be at the next meeting? >> yes. >> ok. vice chair? >> i think that is a good thing to put on the agenda, to follow up on the code enforcement. i was wondering if it would be available by the next meeting, a brief chart on repeat offenders? just where things are at. this is very similar to may be building problems, and
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sometimes they're the same folks. if that is too hard, maybe at the next meeting. >> no, we will put it on a spreadsheet so we can sort it out by a property owner name. >> is there any more commissioner commons? -- comments? next item. >> item 14b, future meetings and the legend as. the commission may discuss and take action to set the date of a special meeting and/or determine those items that could be placed on the agenda of the next meeting and other future meetings of the building inspection commission. our next regular meeting is going to be in may, the third wednesday of may. i do not have the date. i am sorry, april. i do not have the date. >> april 18, i believe. >> ok, april 18. is that the third wednesday? ok. any other items, commissioners? ok, is there any public comment
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on items 14a or b? seeing nine, item 15, review and approval of the minutes of the regular meeting of some timber 21, 2011. >> move to approve. >> second. >> can i also said that i really appreciate that we're trying to catch up. you notice that we are only at mid last year. i would hope that we can prioritize that. it justifies getting help for sonya maybe. >> that is exactly what we are using. >> hopefully next month you'll have two sets of minutes. >> thank you. >> traditionally, when do we get those minutes? >> prior to the meeting. >> with the package. ok. >> ok, there is a motion in the second to approve the minutes. all in favor? a


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